The Benefits of Mediation During Divorce

If you are facing the possibility of divorce, you should consider trying mediation as the first step. This option is becoming increasingly popular since it allows couples to try their best to divorce without going to trial. Though some people choose mediation instead of hiring a lawyer, you can do both, and some law firms even offer mediation. Find out the benefits of getting mediation help during your divorce.

Mediation Is Private

When you get a divorce, many of the documents you deal with end up public. The files relating to divorce can be accessed by the public through the courthouse, so you never know which details will end up public. On the other hand, mediation is typically private, so no one will see the details of the divorce. This can be helpful if you think some of the details are embarrassing, or if you want to simply stay off the radar when it comes to your divorce.

This Route Can Be Quite Affordable

Divorce is known for being costly for many people, but you can take some steps to avoid spending more than you have. Mediation is just one of them. Since you hire a single mediator instead of two attorneys, you and your spouse can split the cost, which can save you a little money.

Of course, you may end up each hiring a divorce lawyer anyway, while still meeting with a mediator. This can still save you money because a mediator can often help you work through the divorce faster than usual. When you have a long drawn out court battle, or endless negotiations outside the courtroom, you end up having a lot of legal costs so it is in your best interest to complete the divorce quickly.

Mediation May Be More Pleasant Than Court

You are probably tired of fighting with your spouse, especially if the divorce has been a long time coming. If so, battling it out in court may not appeal to you. The point of hiring a mediator is to come to a compromise with your spouse, with minimal arguing. Of course, you can do the same when you simply negotiate outside of court, but at that point, you each have your own lawyer. When you opt for mediation, you share one adviser, who can help you work together instead of pitting you two against each other. This may make the process more pleasant and less contentious.

You Can Try It Out

You can always try mediation, and if it does not work, you can both simply hire a divorce lawyer. This way, you have little to lose when you take this route during divorce. This is especially true if you already plan to each hire a divorce lawyer even while working with a mediator, since you can simply move on from mediation and start negotiating with the help of your lawyers. If you are not sure if mediation is right for you, schedule an initial consultation with a mediator so you and your spouse can try out this process.

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