Entrepreneurial Spirit Gone Too Far

A divorce attorney in Minnesota, Thomas P. Lowe, was barred from practicing law for at least the next 15 months due to a startling discovery about his practice: he was billing a client for having sex. Although their relationship began in a professional manner when his client hired him to represent her in a divorce, after it developed into a sexual relationship, Lowe proceeded to bill her for the time they spent having sex.

While this story, published by Gawker, can be taken as both humorous and appalling, it also highlights the importance of professionalism in law. When working with clients, it is critically important to maintain a high standard of professionalism and prevent boundaries from being crossed. At Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C.., we support the Minnesota Supreme Court in their decision to suspend Lowe’s law license, and hope this divorce law scandal serves as a reminder to hire an attorney you can trust: both to work in a respectful, professional manner and to maintain fair billing practices.

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