George Zimmerman is Facing a Divorce

Last week it was announced that Shellie Zimmerman, wife to George Zimmerman, had filed for divorce in Florida. The documents state that the couple has been separated since August 13, 2013, and that “the marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken”.

Shellie Zimmerman’s Divorce Filing

While the couple do not have children together, Mrs. Zimmerman is requesting sole possession of their two dogs, as well as half of Mr. Zimmerman’s assets, which could end up being a large sum of money if he is successful in his defamation lawsuit against NBC. In addition, Mrs. Zimmerman is requesting that her husband pay for a permanent life insurance policy, where she will be the sole beneficiary. In financial disclosures obtained by the press, Mrs. Zimmerman lists herself as currently unemployed. The documents also show that she has received a total of $4,300 in living expenses thus far, which appear to have come from the Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund.

When Divorces Turn Contested & Allegedly Violent

Unfortunately, some divorce cases turn nasty, and the Zimmerman v. Zimmerman case is no exception. A frantic 911 call was placed by Mrs. Zimmerman on September 9, 2013, outside of the home the couple shared during the famous month long murder trial. Mrs. Zimmerman and her father had returned to the home to remove the last of her belongings, when a physical altercation occurred between the feuding spouses. It is unclear who initiated the argument, but Mrs. Zimmerman can be heard on the 911 recording pleading for help, stating that her husband had his hand on his gun. “I don’t know what he’s capable of. I’m really, really scared,” she told the 911 operator.

Reports have surfaced that no charges are being pressed, even after Mr. Zimmerman was seen handcuffed in a police car. His attorney, Mark O’Mara, stated that “emotions are running very high”, which is typical in troubled divorce cases.

Handling High-Profile Divorces in New York

High-profile divorce cases, like this one, garner a great deal of media attention. It is important that both parties hire attorneys that have experience handling the pressure that comes with a very public divorce. The Zimmerman’s must remember to do their part to keep their divorce private by not speaking to press outlets, or airing details of the proceedings on social media. For more information and tips from Brian D. Perskin & Associates on how to handle a high profile divorce, visit us on our website or on!

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