Getting a Divorce on your iPhone?

Technology makes advances in the matrimonial field as divorce and the iPhone tie the knot. A divorce lawyer and an app developer team collaborated to create two new iPhone applications, Cost & Prep and Estate Divider, to help those who are thinking about or who are already in the process of divorce. The Cost & Prep application allows divorcees to calculate the costs of divorce while the Estate Divider categorizes assets and liabilities and then suggests how best to divide them.

These divorce apps can transform an iPhone into a personal digital divorce attorney. Though these virtual iPhone applications can be viewed as a threat to real divorce lawyers, it was not created with the intent of being competition. The iPhone applications are just helpful tools for those preparing for a divorce or those who want to simplify and speed up the time-consuming aspects of the process. In fact, even lawyers are taking advantage of these new apps. Lawyers can use the Cost & Prep application, for example, as a quick and easy way of determining how much a client should owe.

Informative and innovative, divorce apps on the iPhone have the potential to do wonders for both divorce attorneys and clients alike. Coming soon from Divorce are the Estate Divider Template, Child Possession Calendar, and Child Support Calculator.

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