Its Party Time: The Rise in Popularity of the Divorce Party

The finalization of a divorce can be met with a flurry of emotion, from sadness to relief. For some, they feel a sense of joyfulness. The drama of their past relationship and the stress from a lengthy divorce process is finally behind them.

A growing trend that is spreading amongst recent divorcees is the idea of having a Divorce Party. Simply put, a divorce party is a bash thrown in your honor celebrating your freedom and the end of a rocky period of your life. These parties can often resemble more raunchy occasions such as bachelor or bachelorette parties. Celebrities have been embracing divorce parties for the past few years, sometimes, even throwing them with their ex-spouse. Such examples of this include Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and the mother of his children, Shanna Moakler in 2006 and musician Jack White and his model ex-wife Karen Elson in 2011.

Divorce parties can be anything from a small get together with a few family members and close friends, to an elaborate themed blowout with specialty divorce cakes. Wedding planners are now pulling double duty as divorce party planners as the event grows in popularity and the industry takes off. Retailers are capitalizing on the trend by offering a variety of merchandise and party supplies ranging from coasters and balloons to games and novelty voodoo dolls.

A major aspect of a divorce party is the cake. Much like wedding cakes, divorce cakes can be big, elaborate works of art. Although sometimes crude, bakeries and cake artists are creating one of a kind pieces that act as tribute to a person moving on from their marriage and into a new life. Themes can include “breaking free” from an abusive relationship, becoming unchained from a former spouse, or they can even play into divorce stereotypes. Some cakes, however, portray gruesome situations but they are usually meant with good humor. Examples of different kinds of divorce cakes can be found on Pinterest and Google Images.

Divorce parties aren’t for everyone. While divorce is becoming more socially acceptable, there are people who may feel ashamed or embarrassed that they are recently divorced. They often view divorce parties as being tasteless and tacky. The decision on whether or not to have a divorce party varies, and can often be as personal of a decision as proceeding with divorce was. In some instances, some people may wish to mark their finalized divorce with a celebration of some kind, but not with a raunchy party. These individuals sometimes mark the new stage in their life with a makeover, a luxurious vacation, or even just an intimate dinner with close friends and family members.

Before you can get to the party, you must endure the divorce. These can be quick and simple, or drawn out and complex. Even though it is highly recommended that you retain an experienced matrimonial and family law attorney, it isn’t always necessary due to certain factors and the type of divorce you have. If you are serious about moving forward with a divorce or family court matter, contact Brian D. Perskin & Associates to schedule your free and confidential consultation. Our professional staff has over 40 years of combined experience practicing law in the Greater New York City area. Let our expertise work for you!

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