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At Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C., we understand that going through a divorce in the Bronxcan be a challenging and emotional process. Our goal is to make this difficult time as smooth and straightforward as possible for you. We firmly believe that a divorce doesn’t have to be messy, expensive, or time-consuming. By working with a knowledgeable and experienced Bronx divorce attorney and collaborating with your partner, you can reach an agreement on the terms of your divorce without unnecessary complications and emotional distress.

Understanding the New York Divorce Process

The New York divorce process involves several steps that must be followed to legally terminate a marriage. First, either spouse must meet the residency requirements, which entail living in New York for at least two years before filing for divorce. Once eligibility is established, the petitioner can proceed with their divorce and determine which option is right for them. 

Uncontested Divorce Vs. Contested Divorce

While there are a few divorce options to choose from, many people either end up getting a contested or uncontested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, both parties mutually agree on the terms of the divorce, including child custody, division of assets, and support. They may draft a settlement agreement, which is then submitted to the court for approval. Uncontested divorces are generally less time-consuming, cost-effective, and may not require a court appearance. They are also typically the ideal divorce option for most couples, as they do not require court involvement, making them more time and cost-effective.

On the other hand, contested divorces occur when couples cannot reach an agreement on certain issues. In such cases, they may need to go through mediation or litigation, where a judge will make decisions on unresolved matters. There are many different types of divorce options to choose from and it is important to understand them all, so you and your ex-spouse can choose the option that makes the most sense for your situation.

Filing the Appropriate Paperwork

Regardless of the type of divorce you choose, the next step involves filing a summons and complaint with the appropriate court, which officially initiates the divorce process. After this, the other spouse has a specified time to respond to the complaint. Throughout the divorce proceedings, both parties may exchange relevant financial information and attend court hearings if necessary. If children are involved, the court will also address matters related to child custody, visitation, and child support. New York is an equitable distribution state, meaning marital property is divided fairly but not necessarily equally between spouses. Once all issues are resolved, the court will issue a final judgment of divorce, officially ending the marriage. The divorce process can vary in duration depending on the complexity of the case and the willingness of both parties to cooperate.

How a Bronx Divorce Attorney Can Help You Get Through Your Divorce

With over 40 years of experience in handling divorce and family law cases throughout the Bronx and Manhattan, our firm has established a reputation for providing exceptional service and dedication to our clients. When you choose a Bronx divorce attorney from our team, you can rest assured that your legal matters will be handled with care, diligence, and efficiency. 

We understand that every divorce case is unique, and our approach is tailored to meet your individual needs and circumstances. Our compassionate attorneys will guide you through the legal process, providing support and sound advice every step of the way. In cases involving domestic violence or abuse, the safety and well-being of our clients are paramount. If you are facing abuse, harassment, stalking, or threats from your partner or ex-partner, an attorney from our firm may be able to help you obtain an Order of Protection to safeguard you and your loved ones. Our ultimate goal is to help you emerge from the divorce or legal separation with a result that will benefit you and your family’s future.

Additionally, if children are involved, our Bronx divorce attorneys are also experienced in the areas of child custody and support, spousal support (maintenance), visitation arrangements, property distribution (equitable distribution), and many other critical issues that may arise during divorce the divorce process.

If you are seeking a competent and experienced Bronx divorce attorney, look no further than Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. We are here to advocate for your rights and help you achieve a favorable resolution while minimizing the stress and difficulties often associated with divorce. Contact us today at 1-800-DIVORCE to see how we can help you get the best possible outcome from your Bronx divorce case.


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