Politics and Divorce: Don’t Let Party Affiliation Divide Your Family

Politics is a dangerous game to play. It can divide siblings, parents and children, and even husbands and wives. Here’s what you need to know about politics and divorce.


Agreeing to disagree is a simple sentiment that can be difficult to follow through with. If you are a staunch Democrat, for example, you may have an extremely difficult time accepting your partner’s political views on issues such as gun rights if they are a staunch Republican or conservative. Agreeing to disagree does not mean you are willing to share their views, it simply means that you accept that they feel that way and you love them enough to see past that. After all, “points of view” are just that – one particular way to look at an issue. There are a million different ways to look at every issue and each view has an element of reason and truth embedded in it. When you can accept this fact, you can agree to disagree.

Politics and Divorce - Ways to Not Let Party Affiliation Divide Your Family


While the political situation in the United States may be extremely polarized, that doesn’t mean it has to be at your dinner table. Take the time and extend the courtesy to listen to your spouse and their views. They have their beliefs for a reason, and by truly listening to them you can gain a greater understanding of what has shaped their beliefs, and who they are as an individual. Not only that, but putting in the effort to listen to their viewpoints, even if they are contrary to your own, shows your respect and love for them as your partner – and more importantly, as a person.


Following these helpful steps, you can guide your marriage through the difficulties political differences can bring. If, however, politics or any one of the million other issues which can drive a family apart occur, it’s crucial that you seek out a compassionate and caring family law attorney.

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