Recent Court Decisions in New York

Child Support:

Julissa A. v. Martin O., April 9, 2013– NY Family Court dismissed the mother’s petition for a modification of a child support order because she failed to prove that there was a substantial change in circumstances since the initial court proceeding in which the child support agreement was put into place. The prior proceeding was also only one week before she attempted to modify it.

Custody & Visitation:

Sequeira v. Sequeira, April 11, 2013– Parents had joint legal custody agreement, including joint decision-making power when it comes to education. However, they could not agree on where their child should go to school. New York Supreme Court modified the parties’ custody agreement in order to meet the child’s best interests, and gave the mother temporary decision-making authority to determine what school the child would attend based on what’s in his or her best interests.

Termination of Parental Rights:

In re Janquan Tieran, B., April 11, 2013– New York Family Court terminated the mother’s parental rights based on a finding of permanent neglect. The mother neglected her child despite agency’s efforts to improve her parental skills through visitation and services. She failed to attend therapy, to participate in a domestic violence program, and to obtain suitable housing and a steady income.

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