Revealed: Top 10 Celebrity Divorce Settlements

Celebrity divorce lawyers are everywhere but the truth is that you really have to look beyond the headlines to get the exceptional ones from the crowd. Celebrity divorce settlements are usually not the ordinary everyday divorce cases we read about so it is imperative for you to be able to align with well known and reliable ones such as The Law Offices of David Perskin so that you will be sure of getting very fair celebrity divorce you deserves. You can have the best of celebrity divorce settlements if you are keen to note some salient points that will help you.

Here is brief overview of the top 10 celebrity divorce settlements that might have been controversial and expensive.

1. One of the most expensive celebrity divorce settlements that should make the list any time and day is that between the media mogul and one of the world’s richest man, Mr. Rupert Murdoch and his estranged wife, Anna Murdoch. Theirs appeared as amicable celebrity settlement without any rancor until Mr. Murdoch forced Anna out of the board of the News Group. This singular act reduced as much as around $2 billion as divorce settlement from Mr. Murdoch’s vast fortune. It was reported that as much as $1.7 billion exchanged hands between Rupert and Anna Murdoch in their infamous separation and celebrity divorce. This created enough buzz in the media and it is vital to note that both parties mutually agreed on this settlement with full guidance from their celebrity divorce lawyers.

2. You may also like to know that Linda Hamilton became almost $50 million richer when she divorced with James Cameron not quite long ago.

3. Amongst all the celebrity divorce settlements, the one that stayed for a very long time in the headlines was that of Elin Nordegren and the very popular athlete, Mr. Tiger Woods. Even though they both released a statement mentioning how saddening it was for them to opt for the well publicized celebrity divorce, it didn’t stop Elin from walking away with the mouth-watering hundreds of millions of dollars. The exact amount wasn’t revealed but reports had it that Elin Nordegren got between $100 million to $500 million. This rightly put their case as one of the most expensive celebrity divorces in history.

4. The popular singer, Madonna isn’t left out in the most expensive celebrity divorces because it is on record that she had to cough up as much $100 million to settle her former husband and film director, Mr. Guy Richie. Rumors have it that the material girl forgot to get a pre nuptial agreement!

5. Another singer who had gone through four celebrity divorce settlements is Phil Collins. It was generally reported that apart from the $50 million he paid Orianne Cevey, when they divorced, he had cumulatively paid around 30 percent of his entire career earnings in different celebrity divorce settlements.

6. Michael Jordan is another popular athlete whose name has featured prominently in the celebrity divorce settlements. He may have gathered lots of laurels in his active basketball days but he also grabbed enough global headlines when he paid over $150 million to his ex-wife, Juanita as settlement. At that time it was the most expensive divorce settlement on record.

7. Neil Diamond is another celebrity whose names appeared at the top of the most expensive divorce settlements when he paid Marcia Murphy, his ex-wife, a whooping $140 million or thereabouts. Even with having to part with such a large sum of money, the singer has been quoted as saying she’s “worth every penny.”

8. Kevin Costner and his wife managed to stay married for 16 years. He had an impressive career making epic films and becoming a true Hollywood movie star. His ex wife walked away with $80 Million.

9. It was a shock for all to hear that Beatles band member Paul McCartney did not sign a pre nuptial with Heather Mills. Luckily for him she only walked away with approximately $60 million of his estimated $700 million fortune.
Photo Source: Reuters

10. In the case if Michael and Diandra Douglas it is of no surprise why the 20 year marriage eventually busted. In 1995, amidst allegations of Michael’s infidelity, Diandra walked away from the 20 year marriage with $45 million – an estimated half of Michaels’s net worth.

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