Sheree Whitfield Gets More Than $75,000 in Back Child Support

Sheree Whitfield is known for her time on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Though she is no longer on the show or even married, she does have some good news – her ex-husband, Bob Whitfield, was just ordered by the court to give her the child support he was withholding from her for years. The total is more than $75,000, which comes at a good time since she no longer has the regular income the show offered her.

Withheld Child Support Expectations

Her ex-husband was supposed to be paying her $2,142 every month, but the 41-year-old never did. In fact, he missed the payment for over 3 years, leaving Sheree to use all her own money to care for their son. She did go to court, but lost when she failed to stick to a comprehensive legal plan. Apparently she came prepared this time.

Though Bob owed Sheree more than $81,000, the judge ordered him to pay her $75,000 by November 11. This is likely a good enough outcome for Sheree, who may use the money to support herself and her son as she continues developing her new clothing line. In addition to this lump sum, the judge ordered Bob to pay Sheree $1000 per month for the next year. After that, he will need to start paying the agreed upon $2,142 every month to help provide for their son.

Court-Ordered Child Support

Bob simply failed to pay for 3 years. He told the judge it was because he could not afford the amount, and he even went to court over it. However, his request to get the amount reduced was denied in court. In 2000, he had a contract with the Atlanta Falcons worth $30 million. It is not known how much he currently makes, but his past earnings probably did not get him any sympathy from the court, which may be why he lost the request for child support reduction.

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Brooklyn Divorce Attorney

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