Technology Can Supplement Legal Representation During Divorce

If you want immediate answers regarding how much you will pay in alimony child support, you may be considering some of the newest technology gadgets. Just one example is a recent app that helps you figure out what you will likely pay after divorce. While technology can provide fast answers, it is important to remember they cannot replace legal help from a qualified professional.

Divorce App in MA

According to recent news, a lawyer in Massachusetts created an app that allows users to plug in their own numbers to find out what they will pay during divorce. If you are curious about alimony, child support, or other expenses, this app may appeal to you. The variables you need to plug in include the length of time you have been married, your income, and the number of children you have, depending on whether you need to find out more about alimony or child support.

The quick answers may be satisfying, but there is no way to know how accurate they are until you visit a lawyer for confirmation. In addition, the app only works in Massachusetts because the laws in every state are different. If you were to try to use it as a New York resident, the answers would be inaccurate due to the varying laws.

Technology Cannot Replace Real Professionals

The lawyer behind the app did not intend for it to replace legal assistance from his firm, or from any other firms. He has claimed that it helps when clients come in with an idea of what they will pay since they better understand their situation. They will therefore not be blindsided when their lawyer lets them know the total they will pay after applying the proper formula.

Most lawyers appreciate informed clients, but it can be troubling when people attempt to replace helpful tools with real legal advice. After all, tools cannot represent you in court or negotiate for you out of court. In addition, they are not always updated on the latest laws, nor are they specific to your particular case. They use hard facts, which are good to have, but there are always exceptions and extenuating circumstances that can change your results.

If you want to use apps and other tools to get an idea of what to expect from your legal situation, you can do so. However, once you know, you need to take those results to a lawyer to find out how to proceed. Learning the amount of money you will have to pay in divorce can help you feel prepared, but it does not help you get the results you desire. Instead, a divorce lawyer can do that, which is why you should call Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. today.

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