The Most Absurd Reasons For Divorce

People file for divorce for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes couples fall out of love, drift apart, or decide that they just cannot get over a particular indiscretion. And other times… well, just take a look for yourself.

Relationship Status: Divorced

Social media has become a mainstay in divorce actions across the globe, with photos, status updates, and check-ins playing a major role in the discovery process. Facebook users routinely share major life events with their friend’s list, including news of pending nuptials, the birth of children, as well as divorce.

In 2009, a man in the U.K. changed his relationship status from “Married” to “Divorce”, without informing his wife. His wife was unaware of the news until a friend called her to offer support. The wife was devastated and embarrassed that she was the last to know about her pending divorce.

Failing to update your relationship status from “Engaged” to “Married” may result in a divorce, as well. A 28 year-old woman ended up filing for divorce after two short months of wedded bliss, because her 31 year-old groom forgot to update his Facebook after their nuptials. He claimed he was busy at work, and it simply slipped his mind.

Divorce is in the Cards

Going all in during a game of poker can be a gamble, but is winning worth your marriage? According to one Russian man, it is. Andrei Karpov had lost his entire life savings in during a heated poker game with Sergey Brodov. Believing his luck was about to change, Karpov bet the unthinkable: his wife. Unfortunately, he lost.

Karpov’s wife was unaware of the wager until Brodov came to collect his winnings. Furious, she filed for divorce from Karpov. In a strange turn of events, Brodov began a relationship with, and later married, Karpov’s ex-wife.

Marriage is a Prison?

Couples usually have cute or lovey-dovey nicknames for their better halves. Sometimes the nicknames express a strong desire and affection, while others may symbolize an inside joke between the couple.

Nicknames don’t typically lead to divorce, but it was the reason why one Saudi Arabian woman decided to end her marriage of 17 years. The woman’s husband left his cell phone at home one day, and for an unknown reason, the she decided to call it. The name that popped up on the phone’s Caller ID? “Guantanamo”. Yes, like that Guantanamo. The woman’s husband thought the nickname was a funny joke, but she believed it to be harsh and rude, and she reportedly stated so in her divorce filing.

Loving Animals a Little Too Much

Pets are such loved and prized part of the family, that animal custody has been brought to the attention of the court during contested divorce proceedings. In most cases, feuding spouses fight over the dog, not because of the dog.

Take, for instance, the story of a Romanian couple. The pair had been married for 50 years prior to the wife deciding her husband had been spending too much money on feeding stray dogs in their neighborhood. According to the woman, her husband was using his pension fund to buy food for the dogs, instead of providing enough for the couple to eat. Towards the end their marriage, the husband was reportedly taking food from their home and giving it to the hungry canines.

A love for animals spelled disaster for an Israeli couple, as well. In 2002, a woman surprised her husband when she welcomed an astounding 550 adopted cats into their home. The husband didn’t have a problem with his new housemates, until he began to notice that there was a cat in every corner of their home. His wife was spending the income he earned on cat food, and he decided to file for divorce once he realized the felines were the kings (and queens) of his castle.

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