8 Time-Tested Strategies For Your Divorce

Divorces are tough. And there’s no point in making things even tougher on yourself by trying to reinvent the legal wheel, so to speak. Here are some time-tested divorce strategies that will help keep things simple.

Hire An Attorney

Even if you think you’ve already ‘worked everything out,’ it is best to always to hire a lawyer. Make sure you go with someone who has handed divorces cases in the past. Word-of-mouth recommendations are usually an effective way to find a good lawyer. It is smart to meet with a few lawyers before making up your mind, so that you can be sure to pick someone you are comfortable with.

Investigate Income

To come out on top of a divorce, it is necessary to figure out your spouse’s annual income. Do they have a salaried position? Or are they paid hourly? And exactly how much are they making every month? You can get this information from a tax return or, preferably, a pay stub.
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Figure Out How Much Money You Can Earn

If you have been out of the job market for a while, this may require some thought. You don’t want to undersell yourself, and you certainly don’t want to overshoot it. So, take some time, look through online job listings, and figure out how much money people are making for doing the type of job that you’re planning on doing.

Learn About Your Spouse’s Finances

You should try and learn everything there is to learn about your spouse’s finances. Remember, you’re only legally entitled to share in the financial assets that you know of and can prove. Otherwise, it doesn’t count.

Asses Your Family’s Debt

It is incredibly important to figure out exactly how much money your family owes and to whom. The divorce issues associated with debt are sometimes even more complicated than those having to do with assets. So, do your homework and look into your family’s debt.
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Make Copies

Make digital copies of every financial-type statement you can get your hands on. This includes bank statements, voided or canceled checks, tax returns, life insurance policies, etc.

Figure Out Your Home’s Operating Expenses

Figure out precisely how much it costs to run your home. Your household living expenses matter whether you are keeping the house or not. Include everything you can think of from rent, mortgage, electricity bills, phone bills, and more.

Hire a Brooklyn Divorce Attorney

If it looks like you’re the one leaving the house, you should figure out a place to live and document exactly how much it is going to cost beforehand. You might want to consider not moving in with another romantic interest. Doing so has been known to infuriate spouses who, when angry, can make your proceedings much more difficult and uncomfortable than they already are.
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