Divorce News: Can Science Predict Who Will Get Divorced?

It’s impossible to tell which couples head to divorce court after walking down the aisle. There are the obvious reasons for divorce, such as infidelity and financial issues, but social scientists wanted to find out who is most likely to file.
Business Insider reviewed marriage and divorce studies, and compiled the top traits that may indicate a separation is on the horizon. These are the most surprising:

Your Age Matters

When it comes to whether or not your marriage will stand the test of time, your age matters. Studies show that couples who tie the knot in their teens, or after their mid-30s, are more likely to get a divorce. In fact, the likelihood of divorce increases by 5% each year, starting at the age of 32. (This is according research by University of Utah professor Nicholas Wolfinger.)

Lack of Education

A lack of education could lead to divorce, according to the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth in 1979. The study reveals that couples who did not complete high school, or go to college, had a higher divorce rate.
While this study is dated, it still rings true. Lower levels of education can result in a lower earning potential, which can cause stress and marital strain.

Husbands Who Don’t Work

A surprising reason why couples may be driven to divorce lies in each person’s employment status. Harvard University conducted a study, and found that couples are more likely to separate if the husband doesn’t work full-time. Researcher Alexandra Killewald reviewed marriages that started after 1975, and learned that these marriages had a 3.3% chance of ending in divorce after one year. The wives’ employment status didn’t have much of an affect.

How You Interact and Fight

How you interact with your spouse may determine whether or not you will get divorced. All couples argue, but not all arguing styles are effective or healthy. Withdrawing and giving the silent treatment leads to a higher rate of divorce, because it shows that people are less happy in their marriage. Berating or undermining your spouse can lead to feelings of contempt and resentment.

Being Too Affectionate

Are you super affectionate with your spouse? If so, this may be a red flag. Psychologist Ted Huston conducted a 13-yearlong study, where he followed 168 couples, starting on their wedding day. He found that the couples who filed for divorce after 7 years, were the ones who were overly affectionate at the beginning of their marriage. Aviva Patz published an article in Psychology Today, dissecting Dr. Huston’s study. She states, “Couples whose marriages begin in romantic bliss are particularly divorce-prone because such intensity is too hard to maintain. Believe it or not, marriages that start out with less ‘Hollywood romance’ usually have more promising futures.”

Hire a Brooklyn Divorce Attorney

There is no surefire way to know whether or not your marriage will end in divorce. But, if you find yourself on the brink of separation, you need to hire an attorney.
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