A Royal Prenuptial is a No Brainer

This week’s Royal wedding has brought up speculation about whether the soon to be married Kate Middleton and Prince William will be signing a Prenuptial Agreement.

When there is so much wealth, assets and property at stake, it would seem like a no brainer to get a pre nuptial agreement.

How Pre-Nuptial Agreements work in Britain

But Britain has very different views on prenups to the US, with and they are not as common in Britain as they are in the States. The British Courts only agreed to recognize prenuptial agreements last year after several high profile cases gave the Nation the reputation as the “divorce capital of the world”.

However, British divorce lawyers seem to have strong words of warning for the second in line to the British throne, especially in light of the Royal Family history of divorce:

·         Three of Queen Elizabeth II’s four children have been divorced,

·         William’s uncle on his mother’s side, Charles Spencer, has two ex-wives.

·         William’s own parents. Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ bitter and public split –  where it was claimed in 2004 that Princess Diana took the Princes’ entire fortune, then reported at 17 mill pounds ($27 million dollars).

But even that history doesn’t mean the royals have change their views on prenups with Prince Charles allegedly ignoring all legal advice and opting out of a prenuptial agreement when he married his second wife Camilla in 2005

What the Prenup would be dealing with

It is estimated that Prince William stands to gain an inheritance from the Queen, whose estimated net worth is at approximately 290 million pounds ($470 million)

The young Prince also got a share of his deceased Mother’s estate of nearly $34 million.

Kate Middleton comes from a relatively financially wealthy family, but any type of prenup agreement would make sure that she is looked after and able to maintain a certain royal level of living. It would most likely be quite generous, so as not to be challenged as unfair and unconscionable.

Kate is joining a family known as ‘The Firm,’ and every other employee of the royal household has a contract of employment which includes a fairly severe gagging clause, so we will never be privy to the details of the prenup, if in fact there even is one.

Divorce Rates at 50%

With divorce rates at 50% it is hard to ignore the reality and the fact that a prenuptial agreement actually protects both parties and is not an anathema to the idea of marriage. Divorces can be a lengthy, time consuming and highly bitter battles that can be alleviated with a well written prenuptial agreement.

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We will ensure that your property is protected and see that every step is carried out in a comfortable manner for you and your future spouse.

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