Akon Initiates Child Support Payments in Court

Well-known rapper Akon has recently done what many celebrities have struggled with: offered to pay child support for his kids. He was never married to the mothers of the children, but he is now claiming that he makes more than enough money to support the kids. He is even asking for joint custody of them.

He actually has six children with three different women. However, his recent plea for joint custody only involves two sons who were born in 2008 and 2009. Sources say he has been involved in raising the other four children he has, the youngest of whom was born in 2009. But it is not clear exactly how often he sees them or what he is paying in child support.

He has claimed that his income is sufficient to care for all of the children he fathers, which is a refreshing statement that few other celebrities have made. For example, Usher supposedly owes his ex thousands of dollars for child support. Dennis Rodman is another well-known father who owes thousands of dollars to his ex, who is supposed to get over $4000 per month from him. Randy and Jermaine Jackson even owe child support to the same woman. Fortunately for the three women Akon has fathered children with, he is more than willing to take financial responsibility for his kids.

In fact, he is also requesting that he be involved in the kids’ lives. More specifically, he wants the two sons in question to bear his last name, which is Thiam, and inherit his assets. In short, he wants them to have all the benefits they would get if he were married to their mother. He is even insisting the judge to base the child support payments off his high income, and unlike some fathers who do not want to pay much, he is happy to bring in proof of income.

He is going through the Georgia courts to get this done, and has already filed a Petition for Legitimation to make it clear he is the father of the two boys. Going through the court for child support keeps the process on record, which is a good move for all involved.

In fact, going through the court is often recommended so that there is documented evidence every step of the process. Otherwise, it is easy for a father to claim he will pay a certain amount, and then change his mind later, denying he ever said he would pay. In addition, the mother could claim the father makes more money than he does, or she could say she never got the child support payment for the month. Getting everything documented in court can avoid these issues.

If you are a father, and you wish to assert your parental rights by initiating child support payments and requesting joint custody, call Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. On the other hand, if you are a mother and wish your ex would make the same decision as Akon, don’t count on this happening on its own. Instead, contact our firm for help.

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