Avoiding Common Child Custody Mistakes

For parents facing a contentious divorce, it’s common to have very specific child custody and visitation goals in mind. However, in some cases, parents hurt their own arguments for child custody with behavior they may not realize is relevant to the court’s considerations. Below, we take a look at some of the most common missteps parents make as they prepare for a child custody battle.

Making Parental Decisions By Yourself

In the weeks and months leading up to and during a divorce proceeding, it’s natural for a family’s usual routine to be upended and for parents to already begin trading and divvying up responsibilities. It is crucial, however, that parents remain cordial enough during this transitional period to collaborate on decisions that affect the upbringing of their child. If a parent makes even a somewhat important parental decision by themselves, such as cancelling or postponing a doctor’s appointment, it could be an indication to the court that they will have trouble collaborating with their ex-spouse.

Negative Social Media Activity

A divorce is often a time of considerable conflict and emotions between the two spouses. While it’s healthy to speak with friends and loved ones about your frustrations with your spouse, it is not advisable that you take to social media with your grievances. Remember: New York courts want to see that each parent can encourage their child’s relationship with the opposite parent. If you have consistently aired your grievances on social media (which is considered a public forum), the court may have doubts about your capacity to nurture your child’s relationship with your ex-spouse.

Living with a New Romantic Partner

If you have chosen to reside with a new romantic partner (or allowed a new romantic partner to move in with you) before your divorce is completed, it could have a negative effect on securing child custody. In New York, the courts want parents to provide a consistent environment and routine for children in the wake a divorce. Having new adults in their home, even adults they may know, does not lend itself to this kind of consistency and could hurt a parent’s argument for custody.

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