Brooklyn Divorce

Brooklyn Divorce

Brooklyn is known as the borough of hipsters, yuppies, and many different cultures and ethnic groups. Despite their differences, the people of Brooklyn all go through life’s trials and challenges. Across each neighborhood and ethnic group, divorce is happening in Brooklyn.

Some of the key issues that lead to divorces in Brooklyn are:

1) Failed expectations

2) Poor communication

3) Negative influences of extended family members

4) A change in priorities

5) Physical, sexual or emotional abuse

6) Poor conflict resolution skills

January is often considered “Divorce Month” among legal professionals and it is no different here in Brooklyn. This is the month for fresh starts and self-improvement, but it is also the month that is the most popular for divorce filings in our Brooklyn Divorce Law Office.

The introduction of the no-fault divorce in Brooklyn, like the rest of New York significantly reduces the cost of getting a divorce by eliminating the costly process of proving which spouse is to blame for the impending dissolution of the marriage. This is one of the reasons why divorce rates have accelerated, reflecting a 12% increase in the first seven months of the introduction of the no-fault divorce law. Since it is no longer necessary for a Brooklyn Divorce Lawyer to prove that the marriage vow has been breached, it is also no longer necessary to place blame on either spouse. This has expedited the process of divorce in Brooklyn and has also allowed for more focus to be given to asset division and custody of children.

In conclusion, we want all of Brooklyn to know that they can feel comfortable and confident coming in to our office for a divorce attorney consultation. They are not alone with their marital problems in Brooklyn.

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