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Divorce Strategy

Watch For These Top 3 Financial Mistakes During a Divorce

When people are going through a divorce, emotions are running so high that it is not uncommon for people to make emotional as opposed to rational decisions.

The Top NY Divorce Laws Questions and How to Avoid a Lengthy Trial

According to NY divorce laws there are essentially six grounds for divorce, out of which only 5 require the finding of “fault”, meaning some form of misconduct by one of the parties.

Your Ultimate Divorce Strategy – The Beginning

If you have made the decision to get a divorce and go through the process involved, it is time to get take the emotions out of the equation and get a winning strategy in place.

Top 12 Ways to Avoid a Costly Divorce – Part 2

Make sure that you get all your information, documents and financial records in order.

Top 12 Ways to Avoid a Costly Divorce – Part 1 of 2

Going through the divorce process is a difficult, emotional and expensive time for both parties.

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