Celebrating with Divorce Parties

Once an outrageous concept, divorce parties are growing in popularity as the stigma associated with ending a marriage disappears. Divorce parties are relatively new, but men and women from all backgrounds are embracing the trend and throwing bashes to celebrate the end of a (sometimes turbulent) marriage or divorce process, and mark the beginning of a new period in their lives.

Divorce Parties are Therapeutic

Divorce parties are becoming increasingly popular because they provide a cathartic release from the stress and emotional turmoil that is a direct result of contested matrimonial actions. Divorcees are able to let their hair down, let loose, and celebrate with the friends and family members who have remained by their side during their case.

These kinds of parties were created to help shed a positive light on divorce, instead of focusing on the negative aspects or emotions of an unsuccessful marriage. Our culture is beginning to focus more on having a positive and healthy outlook, which is evident in divorce parties. Patricia Delahaie, a French sociologist and relationship expert, agrees, saying, “We live in a society that pushes us to put a positive angle on everything. We don’t have the right to be victims: we have to be winners”.

One of the strategies to having a successful divorce is to take time for yourself- even after the divorce is finalized. You have to do what makes you happy. If having a celebration and spending time with friends and family is one way to bring joy or light into your life, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t join in on the trend.

Business is Booming

As stated in a Huffington Post blog, authored by Martin Zabell, statistics surrounding the popularity of divorce parties is hard to come by. Zabell spoke with event planners in New Jersey and New York City about their experiences hosting these unique bashes. Charlotte Eulette, a member of the Celebrant Foundation and Institute, first noticed that divorce parties were becoming increasingly common in the early 2000’s.

Divorce parties are not just for quirky New Yorkers. Event planning firms the Midwest to the West Coast are jumping at the chance to drum up business by helping ex’s celebrate their entry into singledom. Glynda Rhodes, a divorce party planner in Las Vegas, told Foxnews.com that she organizes dozens of divorce parties a year that “start at $1,000 and can cost over $5,000”. Party planning companies aren’t the only businesses benefiting from divorce celebrations: bakeries, party halls and venues, and florists (just to name a few) are all seeing an uptick in business in direct correlation to divorce parties.

Divorce Party Ideas

Divorce parties are as unique as weddings, and will differ depending on the guest of honor’s personal style and taste. Most planners will work together with their clients to create a personal experience and event that shines a positive light on a finalized divorce. Richard O’Malley, owner of NYC’s The O’Malley Project, believes that divorce parties should be uplifting, joyous events. In fact, he refers to the bashes as freedom fests. In an interview with Zabell, O’Malley said, “We only produce freedom fests to celebrate the future. Since we only produce freedom fests we don’t have the negative issues. Guests don’t want to be at a nasty, negative event. There is no fun in that.”

Divorce parties can include anything from small backyard BBQ’s with a few close friends, to weekend long out-of-town trips. Some bashes are subdued, while others can be more intoxicating events. In some instances, recent divorcees decide to pursue the ultimate adrenaline rush by going skydiving or bungee jumping. The options for divorce parties are limitless.

The Pre-Divorce Party Experts

Before you can have a divorce party, you must first get divorced. To do so, it is recommended that you retain the services of an experienced divorce attorney. Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. is a New York City based matrimonial and family law powerhouse, successfully representing clients throughout the five boroughs. For more information, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Brian and his team today!

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