Finding a Divorce Attorney that Knows How to Challenge Business Evaluation Reports

When you are dealing with business evaluations in a divorce case it is crucial to hire an attorney that knows how to interpret these business evaluations and how to ask the right questions and examine them in detail.

Business Evaluations in New York

Quite often business evaluations are based on historical information and do not take into account the current economic climate, the type of business or industry that you are in and the future predictions about the state of the economy and your particular industry.

This is why is highly essential that the divorce attorney that you hire is experienced both in economics, finance and has extensive experience in reading and evaluating business valuations.

Business valuations are prepared by experts, but these experts may not have access to all the particulars that relate to the business that you are in and the details about your specific business and industry. Quite often they make generalized evaluations that are not in your best interest and can be costly in your divorce.

Always ensure that a thorough evaluation has been made by your attorney when it comes to evaluating the business valuation reports prepared by professional. Your attorney knows your case, your financial situation and should have the extensive experience behind them to interpret and question these reports so that they provide a true and fair valuation of your business and the market value.

Hiring a Skilled New York Law Firm

For an attorney with the skills, knowledge and expertise in examining business valuations and providing you with top advice on how to move forward with your divorce, contact the Law Offices of Brian D Perskin.

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