Deion Sanders Tries Hard to Sell Condo Quickly During Divorce

The latest news about Deion Sanders’ divorce is that he is trying to get rid of some of his property. In fact, he is reportedly attempting to sell his condo for much less than market value, since he is desperate for it to sell. It could be because he has been ordered to pay thousands of dollars in child support to ex-wife Pilar.

The condo is located in Dallas, and features 5000 square feet of space. It is also situated in a building that houses several other celebrity condo units. It is supposedly worth about $6.5 million, yet Deion has it on the market for $4.8 million. What’s more, he is even upgrading it in the hopes that this will make it sell even faster. While many couples going through divorce end up selling real estate to simplify property division, they are not usually satisfied with getting much less than market value, so this case stands out.

Of course, many speculate that the desperation to sell is based on the fact that a few months ago, a judge ordered Deion to pay Pilar about $10,000 every month for child support. This came shortly after he got a restaining order against her when she tried to physically assault him in their home. He got temporary custody of the children after that, but apparently it did not last. There is no word yet on whether Deion will share custody or get regular visitation with the children, or if he is fighting the ruling.

The good news is that he does not have to pay spousal support to Pilar. However, he does have to pay for her attorney fees, which total $275,000. Therefore, it is obvious that he should plan on spending a lot on Pilar for a while, unless he plans to contest the child support or child custody ruling. But unless he has no other source of income and needs money now, it is considered ill advised to try to sell his condo for much less than it is worth. It is unknown why he is so desperate to sell it now.

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