Divorce Fever Hits Hollywood

Divorce has swept through Hollywood over the last month, and celebrities from all sides of the entertainment business are feeling the blow of their marriages ending. While some of the divorce rumors have yet to be confirmed, famous couples are citing infidelity, financial woes, and the ever-vague “irreconcilable differences” as reasons for their splits.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Legal Separation

Pop diva Mariah Carey and musician/television host Nick Cannon announced that they have been living separately for some time, yet whether or not the pair is proceeding with a divorce is unclear. However, the photos have recently emerged of Cannon’s newest tattoo- a cover-up of his wife’s name that was scrawled between across the top of his back. In its place? A depiction of Jesus Christ with angel wings. Carey is also adding to the divorce rumors by editing the lyrics to her live cover of Billie Holiday’s song “Don’t Explain”, hinting at her husband’s infidelity. The pair was married in 2008, after less than two months of dating. They have two three year old twin children. Hopefully, the feuding spouses will be able to set their differences aside and focus on co-parenting and their children’s well-being, in an attempt to avoid the negative impact of divorce.

Infidelity on Both Sides

Infidelity is also the cause for the divorce between model Amber Rose and rapper Wiz Khalifa. The pair announced their separation in September, and Rose recently took to Twitter to express her feelings regarding the situation. She said, “I never knew what true heartache felt like until now,” as well as saying she “…wake[s] up every morning feeling like my best friend died”. Divorce related depression is very serious, but there are ways to beat the blues and stay healthy. As per multiple reports, the pair signed a solid prenuptial agreement guarantees Rose will receive a sum of $1 million, along with $5,000 per month in alimony. According to her court filing, Rose is seeking full custody of their 1-year old son, Sebastian Taylor-Thomaz. Her soon-to-be ex-husband has reportedly filed a petition for joint custody.

Gina and Pat Neely Divorce

Food Network stars and entrepreneurs in the restaurant industry, Gina and Pat Neely have decided to part ways after nearly 20 years of marriage. The pair cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for their divorce, and insiders close to the couple claim that they haven’t been in love for quite some time. In the Neely’s joint statement, Pat and Gina said, “This was a tough decision, but we believe it is the best decision for us. As parents of two beautiful adult daughters that we love dearly, we will continue to be involved in each other’s lives as parents and friends”. Filing for divorce after many years of marriage, or grey divorce, is becoming increasingly common, and considering Pat and Gina have worked side by side building a restaurant and cooking empire for a quite some time, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they are deciding to proceed with divorce. The split appears to be amicable, and even though their children are adults, the two former flames are applauded for choosing to remain friendly for the sake of their family. Any assets that the pair has as a result of their business ventures will be split.

Celebrity Divorce is Booming

Divorce may be on the horizon for Teresa and Joe Giudice. The couple, who star on Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, were recently convicted of fraud in a highly publicized court case. In an article published on Radar Online, an eyewitness present at the sentencing of the reality TV stars turned felons hinted at the possibility of divorce, saying that they appeared distant throughout court proceedings, and that Teresa could even be heard saying her husband “screwed her over”. Financial woes are a major reason for divorce, and with the hardships, stress, and tension involved in a felony fraud case, it is safe to assume that the couple will proceed with divorce, however, it is too soon to tell whether or not this will happen before or after they serve their prison terms.

Hire a Manhattan Divorce Attorney

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