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Before You File: A Checklist to Make Before Your Divorce

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Divorce is not an easy decision to make. You might wake up one morning and realize that your marriage is no longer viable. However, it’s not that simple when it comes to filing for divorce. There’s a lot that goes into preparing to file for divorce, including getting your finances in order before you enlist the help of a divorce lawyer from the office of Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. in New York. Today, we are providing you with a checklist you can utilize before filing to ease the divorce process.

Open a Post Office Box

One of the first things you should do is open a post office box, so your spouse no longer has access to your mail. This step is especially essential if you are going to continue to live together until the finalization of the divorce, which we do not recommend. A post office box will prevent your spouse from reading your mail, throwing away mail before you can see it, and invading your privacy.

Create a Plan for Your Kids

If you have kids from the marriage, be sure you have a plan in place for them. This dialogue is one of the first discussions you need to have with your spouse. If you cannot agree on child custody and support, you will inevitably wind up in front of a family court judge.

Pay Down Debt

filing for divorceA vital part of a pre-filing checklist for a divorcing couple is to try and pay down any debt, whether you own it individually or jointly. The more debt you remove from your name, the better off you will be when it’s time to start anew after the completion of the divorce. A family divorce attorney will inform you about closing credit card accounts and splitting debt responsibilities, as well as other financial aspects of the divorce process.

Gather Important Documents

Before you file for divorce in New York, you need to collect all of your important documents. This accumulation includes your marriage certificate, prenuptial agreement, postnuptial agreement, financial statements (bank, savings, 401ks, IRAs, etc.), insurance policies, and any other documents that your divorce attorney will require to help with the filing.

Seek Support

There’s nothing wrong with seeking support from a friend, family member, or a support group. Support groups are especially helpful when preparing to file for divorce. You can find these assemblies at your local church, community center, and township hall, as well as through the recommendation of your attorney.

Start Saving Money

Even though you should focus on paying down your debt, you also need to concentrate on saving money. Putting money away will help you adjust after the divorce. You might need to pay for rent, utility bills, car rental, or other expenses. Without two incomes, you will need to save more and live on a tighter budget.

Have Concerns About Divorce? Speak to an Attorney

If you have concerns about filing for divorce, you need to consult a family law attorney about your situation. The team of skilled attorneys at Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. can help you make preparations before filing for divorce, so there are no astonishing surprises during the process. Call us today at 877-826-7257 to schedule a free confidential consultation.

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