Flavor Flav and Child Support Arrears

Flavor Flav is just one of many men who have faced legal penalties for failing to pay child support. Fortunately, the threat of jail has persuaded him to finally pay what he owes. Of course, there is no telling if he will keep up with his child support obligations.

Like many celebrities, the amount he owed was staggering. Apparently, Flavor Flav was behind on child support by $111, 186. He is supposed to pay $837.72 every week to the mother of three of his seven children, but reportedly has neglected to do so. This has landed him in legal trouble while getting him plenty of negative press, though he has claimed to the media that he makes sure to support his children.

He was also scheduled to show up at a court hearing in Albany County, but he was nowhere to be found on the court date. This is mainly why the magistrate suggested incarceration for up to 180 days. In addition, it was recommended that he lose his passport and driver’s license since he missed court. Fortunately for Flavor Flav, though, he ended up showing up in court on June 19.

At that time, he paid off some of his debt, enough to get the legal penalties dropped. It is known that at least $25,000 has been paid so far. It is uncertain when he will pay the rest, and if he will continue to be late on child support. Just in case, there is a court date set for September that will check up on Flavor Flav to make sure he is paying child support on time.

Apparently, this is not the first time Flavor Flav has been late with child support, since the same woman he owes now sued him in 2010 until he paid her over $60,000. Before that, the mother of some of his other children told the media that Flavor Flav owed her money for child support, too.

Not surprisingly, he is not the only celebrity to fall behind on child support. Dennis Rodman reportedly owes more than $800,000 to the mother of his children, and now has to perform over 100 hours of community service.

Child support can be enforced by the court using severe legal punishment, such as jail, so you need a lawyer if you owe money. Even if you dispute the amount you owe, you should hire an attorney before missing payments or simply not showing up to court. If you want to avoid the penalties faced by Flavor Flav, Dennis Rodman, or countless other parents who owe child support, schedule an appointment with Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C.

Of course, if you are owed child support, we encourage you to come to us for help. We have plenty of experience with enforcement of child support, so we will do our best to get your money as soon as possible.

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