For Many Celebrities, Divorce Is Good for Business

It appears that celebrity divorce may be good for their ratings, as various celebrities who have recently divorced have gotten even more popular. Of course, the talk about them is not always positive, but it makes them more money nonetheless. That’s probably why some celebrities have filed for divorce when the spotlight was suddenly not on them, since this simple action worked well to garner more attention.

Katie Holmes

One of the most recent examples is Katie Holmes, who filed for divorce from Tom Cruise. Her fashion line, called Holmes & Yang, was not getting much attention before the divorce. Suddenly it has become quite popular. While the line is only limited to a few stores right now, so many people have become interested in it that it will be featured in New York Fashion Week in the fall.

The extra attention likely comes from the fans who think Katie is handling the divorce with class. It also helps that Katie has been wearing many pieces from her fashion line when she goes out. Considering all the cameras on her even more than usual, this means she is getting some free publicity for the line. It will not be known until later this year how much the divorce will improve her sales.

Kim Kardashian

Many think that Kim Kardashian’s entire marriage, along with her divorce, were just publicity stunts. After all, her show Keeping Up with the Kardashians is based on drama and shocking events, and her 72-day marriage falls into both categories. Her line of clothes also stood to gain some publicity from the divorce. Of course, she denies that the marriage and divorce were solely for publicity, but look at how many people are still talking about this piece of news.

Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are the reality TV couple everyone loves to hate. After a long relationship, they got married, and then filed for divorce not long afterward. However, two months later, they were back together. Since then, the couple has openly admitted that the divorce was just a publicity stunt because they needed money. They needed the spotlight back on them, especially since they suddenly no longer had a reality show giving them regular income. It does not look like this plan worked long-term, since the couple has since faded back into obscurity, at least for now.

Clearly, divorce can be good for some celebrities, especially when it comes to their career. But even if you are not a celebrity, divorce can have a positive side. If you want to get out of a marriage that is now dead, talk to Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. today.

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