Randy and Jermaine Jackson Owe Child Support to the Same Woman

Many people get behind on child support at some point, even celebrities that you would think would have money. But like some other celebrities, both Randy and Jermaine Jackson are reportedly behind on child support payments. The twist here is that the men owe money to the same woman.

Randy lived with Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza at one point, and had two children with her. Once they split up, Randy’s brother Jermaine entered the picture and began dating her. They eventually got married and had two children. Now that they are no longer together, he has been ordered to pay child support to help her raise the kids.

But both men are behind on their payments. This is not for lack of trying, though, since they have both reportedly been doing everything they can to become current. This is good, since they face jail time and major fines if they are not able to figure something out. At this point, the issue is clearly a lack of funds, not an unwillingness to pay what they owe.

In fact, both the men have approached the executors for the estate of their brother Michael Jackson, since they want to get enough money from it to pay the mother of their children. Sources claim the estate has refused them the money since it does not owe them anything. However, it has been mentioned that the boys’ mother, Katherine, has helped care for her sons’ children using money from the estate. In addition, Alejandra supposedly lived in the family compound for quite some time, even after divorcing Jermaine.

Alejandra filed papers in an LA County court, claiming that Jermaine owed her over $100,000 in child support that he had not paid in years. In fact, she claimed he once gave her a check-cashing card for a grocery store in lieu of child support one year. It is unknown how long she will have to wait to get the child support she is owed, especially since the estate does not appear to be willing to help Jermaine and Randy.

The brothers obviously want to avoid jail, which is the main reason they are working so hard to find the money they owe. However, it is probably too late for them to come up with the over $100,000 they owe, which means they should get a lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced attorney may be able to negotiate a deal to help them avoid jail time and additional fines.

If you are struggling to pay the child support you owe, or do not think you should have to pay the amount the court has ordered, you should hire a reputable lawyer. We at Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. can take a look at your case and let you know how we can help. Contact us today for a case evaluation.

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