Gray Divorces: New Trend for those 50+

According to a poll conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), people who are 50 years or older are getting divorced at an increasing rate. In fact, a whopping 61% of AAML members have reported that they are handling more cases involving baby boomers, in which 22% of the divorces are initiated by females. The National Center for Family and Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University found that the divorce rate among those who are middle aged has actually doubled over the last two decades.

Divorce for Long-Term Marriages are Often a Challenge

Long term marriages that end in divorce can oftentimes pose more of a challenge because of factors such as shared assets (property or business), retirement accounts or social security benefits. It has been speculated that the increased percentage of divorcing baby boomers can be due to the fact that they now recently have empty nests. This means that children have become adults and moved out of the home. In addition, as this age group reaches the retirement age, they realize that their interests have changed over the years, and they are no longer compatible with their partner.

In some cases, the desire to get a divorce is kept a secret until one spouse finds a suitable replacement companion. According to Pennsylvania attorney Lynne Gold-Bikin, baby boomers “…may need that push to get them out [of a marriage], what I call the springer. You need somebody to spring you from the marriage.”

Women Initiating Divorce After 50 More Common

Alton Abramowitz, president of the AAML, found that women initiate post-50 divorces more often because they have successful and stable careers with a greater sense of financial independence. Abramowitz believes that, “the baby boom generation grew up in a society that emphasized individual growth and development and independence. There has been a clear development of people’s need to move on when the relationship is no longer satisfying”. This notion is why those with 20 or 25+ years of marriage under their belt are asking for divorces at a much more alarming rate than those of a younger generation.

New York Divorce Attorneys

Whatever the reason may be, it is beneficial to seek the help of a legal professional if you are considering a divorce. If you are over the age of 50 and seeking a divorce or legal separation from your spouse, contact Brian D. Perskin and Associates for a complimentary consultation. Navigating the waters of a divorce, especially one with many financial aspects, can be tricky but our team of professionals are ready to help guide you through the process.
Tipper and Al Gore announced their divorce in 2010 after 40 years of marriage.

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