Changing a Child’s Last Name Following a Divorce

While the practice is becoming less common as societal trends shift, one spouse typically takes the last name of the other spouse. Furthermore, when a couple has a child, the individual will typically assume the same last name as the couple. However, if a couple in this situation has a divorce, the question that may sometimes follow is, “Can I change my child’s last name?”

Getting Approval

If a parent would like to change his or her child’s last name, they must first get permission from the court in order to do so. A name is an individual’s own identity and changing it could cause the person undue stress or confusion.
There are several factors that affect the court’s decision to allow or prevent the name change. Some of these components include, but are not limited to, relationship with the child, benefit to the child, and paternity. In most cases, the judge will keep the child’s best interest in mind and place the child as a priority.
Changing a child’s last name following a divorce can be a challenging and prolonged legal process. However, doing so is possible. Changing their last name may also be difficult in the scenario that one of the spouses does not agree with this decision. Overall, this process may be very stressful and involved, which is why it is important to work with an experienced attorney to have the best outcome possible.

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