Liberty Ross Files for Divorce from Rupert Sanders 6 Months After His Affair

While celebrity divorces are rarely surprising anyway, some are especially easy to see coming. The divorce of Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross is one of them. Ever since Rupert cheated on his wife with Kristen Stewart while directing Snow White and the Huntsman, divorce has been a strong possibility. The couple tried to make it work, if only for the sake of their two children, but Liberty recently filed for divorce from her husband.

Friends of hers claimed the most likely reason for the divorce was her inability to get over the affair, which was much talked about in the media last summer. Though Kristen and her boyfriend Robert Pattinson have since made up and gotten back together, Liberty has been unable to forgive and forget as easily. The two did go to couples’ counseling, and they were seen together in public a few times. In fact, though Liberty had removed her wedding ring shortly after she found out about the affair, she put it back on in September, suggesting some hope for the marriage.

But pictures of their meetings mostly showed an awkward situation between two people who were not exactly affectionate to each other, not surprisingly. Liberty filed for divorce in L.A. County and has requested that Rupert pay her legal fees. She has also asked for joint custody of their two children, and she wants spousal support. Rupert has also requested joint custody, but he is not seeking spousal support, and is asking Liberty to split the legal fees for the divorce. There are no reports yet whether the couple has a prenuptial agreement, and it is unknown so far how they will split their assets.

Rupert was supposed to direct the sequel of Snow White and the Huntsman, but once the affair became public, he was not a part of the upcoming project anymore. This is because Kristen Stewart will be in the movie, and as both Rupert and Kristen were trying to save their relationships with other people, it was decided it would be inappropriate for them to work together again. Liberty is an actress and model who has said she is looking forward to several upcoming projects this year, so she will at least have a positive detail to focus on as her divorce continues.

Not every couple can move on from an affair, especially when it is public. Though many people try to stay together for the kids, it does not usually work out over time. Despite this couple’s efforts to save the marriage through counseling, the divorce has been a long time coming. It even appears to be a relief for many of Liberty’s fans, who voiced the opinion that she should have filed last summer.

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