Men May Need Extra Legal Help During Divorce

Many men fear getting a bad deal during divorce since sometimes it seems the cards are stacked against them. If you feel this way, you might be relieved to know that some firms now specialize in helping men during divorce. Even if there is not a firm like this near you, some lawyers, including Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C., at least recognize that men often need extra help during divorce. If you want to reduce your chances of losing the house or custody of your children, give our firm a chance to represent you. Meanwhile, take a look at some of the issues men often face during divorce.

Child Custody

As you have probably noticed, mothers usually have a better chance of getting custody than fathers do, barring extreme circumstances. Fortunately, that trend is changing, but not fast enough since women are still often favored in court. This is why you need the help of a divorce lawyer who knows the struggles you will face as you fight for child custody. Whether you want sole or joint custody, you need to get some help from a lawyer who knows how to fight for you, especially if you feel your children would be put at-risk by staying with their mother.

Child Support

If you feel the amount of child support you are paying is too much, you need a lawyer. You may be able to go to court and appeal the amount, or at least get it modified if you have lost your job and cannot pay what has been requested. Of course, you may feel that you should not have to pay child support at all, such as if paternity is in question. If this is the case, an experienced New York divorce lawyer can set up a paternity test for you to take so you can be sure you are actually the biological father. A surprising number of men in this country are raising children who are not biologically theirs, so come to our firm if you suspect your wife has lied to you about paternity.


Traditionally, women were paid alimony because they could not support themselves. However, now many women have jobs and make nearly as much as men, if not more in some cases. If you do not think you should have to pay spousal support, or if you think your wife should pay you, let us know so we can take a close look at your case.

Property Distribution

Just because you are a man does not mean you will lose the house to your wife. You have just as much right to stay there as she does, and if this is your desire, we will fight for you. We will do the same when it comes to any of your assets. If you are worried about your wife taking what should remain yours, we can help. We understand that men are often at a disadvantage during divorce, but we are prepared to change that. Call Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. if you are a male who needs representation.

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