Mobile DNA Testing Comes to New York City

Last week, CBS reported on the arrival of the “Who’s Your Daddy?” mobile DNA testing truck to the Big Apple. Jared Rosenthal, owner and operator of the rolling facility, claims his business is legitimate and provides an essential service to the community. Rosenthal’s main clientele, however, are fathers who are unsure as to whether or not they are the biological parent of the children they care for.

Paternity uncertainty is a sensitive and sometimes intense situation, as it can impact whether or not a man has a legal obligation to provide child support to children that are not biologically his own. In an interview given to CBS New York, Rosenthal said, “We deal with a lot of drama, its constant drama,” while discussing the clients who wish to test their DNA discreetly. In some instances, men simply want to know whether or not a child is theirs, without the result effecting their current custody or support arrangement.

According to the DNA testing truck’s website, the company offers a variety of services in addition to paternity testing, such as DNA tests to prove a person’s heritage or ancestry, as well as DNA testing for immigration matters that comply with INS regulations. Rosenthal’s company also provides services for alternative DNA tests, which allows lab technicians to use hair, teeth, or bodily fluids found on fabric to test for DNA. Prices vary depending on the test, and the reason for why you need one, so it is best to contact the company directly for a quote.

The New York State Unified Court System requires proof of paternity in child custody and support cases, especially when one party is skeptical as to whether or not they are biologically related to a child in question. Furthermore, a NYC judge will order the male party to a custody or support matter to submit his DNA for testing if his name is not on a child’s birth certificate, and he is either petitioning for custody or visitation, or if the child’s mother is requesting child support. It is important to note that at home DNA tests are not allowed to be used for legal matters in New York State, so a test would need to be performed at a reputable and licensed doctor’s office or laboratory.

It goes without saying that New Yorkers were taken aback when they saw the “Who’s Your Daddy?” truck rolling through Manhattan, but they all agreed that the service is greatly needed given an increase in paternity matters and other DNA inquiries. Rosenthal takes great pride in his work, which was demonstrated while he recounted the tale of helping a 44 year old Harlem resident locate his long lost daughter, 20. “There’s a lot of difficult situations and tough moments and heartbreak,” he said, “There’s a lot of good news that we’re able to deliver and there’s a lot of happy moments”.

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