Nationwide Divorce Funding Helps Alleviate Financial Stress of Divorce

Divorce can be a stressful time, emotionally, mentally, and financially. In order to relieve the financial stress many people feel during a divorce, Nationwide Divorce Funding provides funds for people’s attorney, investigator, and forensic accountant fees. They aim to address the imbalance in the divorce process that occurs when one spouse has more financial resources than the other, and receive repayment back from clients either during their proceedings or after their divorce has been settled.

By loaning people who are getting a divorce the funds needed in order to obtain adequate representation, Nationwide Divorce Funding enables families to avoid settling to save money and allows lawyers to fight for their client’s share of equitable distribution without needing to worry about how they will be paid. Their loans can be used for reasonable attorney’s fees, asset investigation, fraud investigation, forensic accounting investigation and reasonable living expenses. There are no upfront fees, and clients are able to repay them using the proceeds from their divorce once their case has been resolved.

If you are struggling with how to pay your legal fees, but have been married for at least a year and have a joint net asset pool of at least $1 million with your spouse, Nationwide Divorce Funding can help you obtain suitable representation. Considering the high stakes of divorce cases—from your financial wellbeing to child custody concerns—don’t settle for anything other than a top lawyer to advocate on your behalf.

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