Reality Star Evelyn Lozada Divorces Football Player Chad Johnson After 41-Day Marriage

One celebrity divorce that has many people talking is that of reality TV star Evelyn Lozada and her athlete husband, Chad Johnson. Evelyn has a starring role on the show Basketball Wives because her ex-fiancée is basketball player Antoine Walker, with whom she has a daughter. But they broke up after ten years, and Evelyn has since moved on to Chad, who is a football player. They got married in July, and after 41 days, their marriage is apparently over.

According to news reports, Evelyn confronted Chad about condoms she found in his possession. At that moment, he head-butted her, causing her to need stitches. She decided to file for divorce since she wanted to show that domestic violence is not acceptable.

However, many people who know her are saying that she was considering divorce before the incident, since she recently realized that being married to Chad would not help her business. She is known for being an ambitious businesswoman who is normally in the spotlight, but she has cancelled all her upcoming events in light of her divorce. In addition, the couple’s wedding was supposed to be shown on their new show, but it has been cancelled for now.

Chad was on the Miami Dolphins football team, but he lost that job a day after he head-butted Evelyn. He tried to get back on the team, to no avail, but he reportedly does plan to try to get on another team in the NFL soon. He has publicly apologized to fans for the incident, even though he told police that Evelyn actually head-butted him.

The couple supposedly has a prenuptial agreement in place, and it will be enforced at this time. This, coupled with the extremely short marriage, should be the distribution of assets quite simple. In addition, the couple has no children together, so there should be no issues regarding child support or child custody. In short, it should be a quick, easy process, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Evelyn has requested, however, that Chad pay her legal fees during the divorce.

Sadly, this is far from the shortest celebrity marriage, and now it has quickly turned into yet another celebrity divorce case. Hopefully it will be much faster process than other celebrity cases, such as Kim Kardashian’s divorce. The couple should be able to avoid a long, drawn out process if they have good divorce lawyers.

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