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Reasonable Alimony Expectations in New York

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When applying for alimony or spousal support, this is not a ticket for free income for the rest of your life. In fact, currently, only about 10 percent of all New York divorce cases involve some form of alimony payment. There are a number of factors that are taken into account with regard to alimony payments and the Court system in New York will expect the spouse receiving the spousal support or alimony to find other means of supplementing their income. Regardless, you should consider hiring an experienced New York Divorce attorney who will defend you and your interests, ensuring you receive the sum that you desire and deserve, and that equitable distribution occurs.

Divorce Alimony in New York

It is important to realize that alimony payments in New York do not last forever and the rule of thumb is that they last for approximately half of the time that the two parties were married. This is just a generalized estimate, but something that needs to be taken into account when considering alimony and the expectations that people have around spousal support.

Spousal support is in place to help the non-monied spouse get back on their feet and to get an equitable amount of income dependent on the time that they were married to the spouse as well as who was the main earner in the relationship prior to the divorce.

new york divorce attorneyIf the context is right, it’s possible that a financial alimony payment may occur. However, quite often people have unrealistic expectations about the amount of alimony that they should receive and the length that it should be paid. These expectations need to be kept in check, because the New York Court System will expect the spouse who is receiving the spousal support payments to find work at some point and will expect some form of proof to this occurrence.

It may take time – especially if one spouse is raising small children and unable to work, but it is reasonable to expect that at some point in the future the spouse who is receiving alimony will eventually find alternative means to support themselves and their family, as the alimony itself is temporary and not meant to last forever. 

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