Reasons to Get a Postnuptial Agreement During Marriage

You have likely heard of a prenuptial agreement, which is a document signed before marriage. However, postnuptial agreements, which are signed after the wedding takes place, have recently become increasingly popular. If you do not yet have a prenuptial agreement, you might want to get a postnuptial agreement for the following reasons.

You Never Got Around to Signing a Prenuptial Agreement

Many couples agree they want to sign a prenup, but with all the wedding planning, this idea gets lost in the shuffle. If this has happened to you, it’s not too late to get a postnuptial agreement. You can include all the same things you planned to discuss in the prenup, so you will no longer feel you have missed out on this important document. If you are still married but want to protect yourself in case of divorce, you should talk to your spouse about signing a postnuptial agreement.

Your Financial Status Has Changed

Some people do not get a prenup because they do not have many assets going into the marriage. But that can easily change after the wedding. If you both have some assets you would like to keep separate, you can sign a postnuptial agreement. Perhaps your spouse has the same assets as before, but you are suddenly making more money or have recently gotten an inheritance that you want to keep in your name. If your spouse agrees to the arrangement, you should go to your local lawyer to make it official.

You Have Doubts About Your Marriage

Some couples are against signing a prenup because they assume they will never get divorced. But your thoughts on this may have changed. Perhaps people all around you are getting divorced and you are realizing it can happen to anyone. Maybe you and your spouse have been arguing a lot, or you suspect he or she is cheating. In any case, you are encouraged to get a postnuptial agreement, especially if you suspect divorce could be in your future. Of course, you never know, so you should sign one anyway even during the good times in your marriage.

Talk to a New York Post-Nuptial Lawyer

You can at least schedule a time to talk to a divorce lawyer to find out how a postnuptial agreement would affect you and your spouse. If you have any concerns about this decision, you should talk to both your spouse and a lawyer to make sure the document will not have any unintended consequences. Just know that signing the document does not mean divorce is in your future, but it does mean you will be protected if it is.

If you want to know more about either a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, you should call Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. We can answer your questions, and then create the document for you and your spouse to sign, giving you some peace of mind.

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