Handling Your Finances After Divorce

After divorce, money is usually tight for most people. Even if you are financially comfortable while married, it is hard to say how much of that money you will get to keep in the long run. This is why you should pay attention to your finances and try to save after you divorce.

Avoid Frivolous Spending After Divorce

You might be used to going out to restaurants or the movies frequently during marriage. You might even have the occasional shopping spree on payday. However, when you get divorced, these events may have to take a back seat while you make sure you can even pay your bills with just your income. This is especially the case at first, when you might not yet have the child support or alimony you are supposed to get. Once you are getting the income you are owed after divorce, you may be able to return to your normal lifestyle. Of course, many find it too hard to do so on a single income, in which case going out and spending money freely might have to be an occasional thing now.

Find Resources To Help Financially

It is not uncommon to find yourself unable to pay your utility bills or buy groceries the month your spouse moves out. This is especially true if you no longer have access to your joint account. Fortunately, most communities offer help for such situations. If you cannot buy food until you get your first child support payment, you can turn to local churches and food banks for free boxes of food. You can also sign up for food stamps if you qualify. Plus, many churches and citywide charities offer help paying for utility bills and house payments if you need temporary financial assistance. Take advantage of these resources when you need to, since they are there for people who have fallen on hard times during a major change in life, and that includes divorce.

Talk to Your Attorney

Of course, you are likely owed money from your spouse if you lived comfortably financially in your marriage. You may have to wait until your court date to get it, but your lawyer may be able to speed up the process if you need money. For example, you can often get child support right away though temporary orders, but this requires that you let your lawyer know that you need financial help now. Otherwise, you may have to wait months until the hearing.

Hiring a Brooklyn Divorce Lawyer

If you are ready to hire a New York divorce lawyer, come to Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. We have helped countless clients get the money they needed shortly after divorce. We can likely do the same for you, or at least let you know when your hearing will be so you can get the assets and monthly payments you are owed.

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