Should You Go To a Divorce Retreat?

Divorce is not easy, which is why many people reach out for help from others. In fact, there are entire retreats devoted to helping divorcees cope with the sudden change in life. If you are considering this option, you should learn what likely awaits you, and whether you should go.

What Can You expect from a Divorce Retreat?

Most retreats feature a variety of professionals ready to help you move on from divorce. For example, you might meet some famous authors of divorce books, and they can often dole out tips on getting over the divorce faster than you might on your own. You will probably need some help getting used to being a single person, not part of a couple, but the journey there will take some time.

Counselors will likely also be on-hand to offer therapy sessions and general advice on letting go of strong emotions that may include sadness and anger. It will take some time to completely get over these emotions, but counseling can give you a jumpstart. You may even decide to start seeing a therapist regularly after the retreat if you feel the first session was worth your while.

Some retreats even feature personal trainers and nutritionists to help you get healthier after divorce. It is easy to neglect your health while you wallow in sadness or simply try to pick up shifts at work to make ends meet. But staying healthy is important, especially if you have children to raise. Plus, being in shape and confident about your appearance is a great way to impress new people after a divorce. In fact, you might even meet someone at the divorce retreat, or you can at least make some new friends.

Should You Go?

Before you sign up for the retreat, you should find out what previous attendees say about it. Look for reviews or asked divorced friends if they have ever heard of it. You need to make sure it is worth your time and money.

In fact, you need to first make sure you have time and money to go. Many retreats last a weekend, but some are longer, so make sure you get time off work when necessary. You will also need to set up childcare ahead of time if you have young children. And then of course you need to ensure you have the money for the divorce retreat you are considering.

If you are not sure if the divorce retreat is worth your time, you should consider giving a shot. But bring a friend when possible, since this way you two can always skip out early if you do not find the retreat to be very helpful. This is especially appealing when the retreat is held in a fun city with some exciting attractions nearby so you can turn it into a mini vacation, whether you end up staying for the whole retreat or not.

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