Studies Show That Employment Status May Factor Into the Likelihood of Divorce

According to studies in the last decade, employment can affect the chances that a couple will get a divorce. Interestingly, the employment status of women affects them differently than men. If you are not currently employed, you might want to find out whether there is a good chance you will be facing divorce soon.

Employed Women Are More Likely to Initiate Divorce

Studies have found that women who have jobs are more likely than unemployed women are to initiate a divorce from their husbands. This is likely because they have the income that is necessary to move out on their own. The job not only allows them to make the money they may need to live on their own and pay a lawyer, but it also gives them the confidence and independence that can help during divorce.

Unemployed Men Are More Likely To Get Divorced

On the other hand, it appears that unemployed men are more likely than employed men are to initiate divorce. The likely reason behind this finding is that men are often expected to be the breadwinners of the household. When they cannot bring in any income, they are likely to get depressed, which can lead to divorce.

In fact, unemployed men do not just initiate divorce more often than others. They are also at-risk of being divorced by their wives, whether their wives have jobs or not. This is likely also related to the idea that men should provide for their family members, since many wives will not stand for their husbands to be out of work for long. Therefore, unemployed men have a good chance of getting divorced, whether they or their wives initiate it.

The study did not find that unemployed wives are more likely to be dumped by their husbands. In fact, it appears that a woman’s employment status does not seem to matter to men when considering divorce. The reasoning for this may be the prevalence of stay-at-home mothers who forgo a job outside the home so they can raise the children. Since this is considered more typical than stay-at-home fathers who are technically unemployed, it does not have the same stigma as unemployment for men.

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