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Changing a Child’s Last Name Following a Divorce

While the practice is becoming less common as societal trends shift, one spouse typically takes the last name of the other spouse. Furthermore, when a couple has a child, the individual will typically assume the same last name as the couple. However, if a couple in this situation has a divorce, the question that may … Read more

Contested Divorce: tips for preparing for the fight of your life.

5 Tips for Winning a Contested Divorce

Contested divorces are the polar opposite of their uncontested counterparts.

5 Things You Should Do Before Filing For Divorce

Deciding to file for divorce is a big deal.

7 Divorce Rules

The Top 7 Winning Divorce Rules

Do not sabotage your divorce lawsuit before it even begins.

Is Your Divorce Lawyer Ruining Your Case?

New York City lawyers are a dime a dozen.

holiday season co-parenting tips

Co-Parenting Tips For The Holiday Season

The 2016 holiday season is officially here. While usually a chaotic (but joyous!) time, the holidays can bring about additional challenges for divorced couples as they try to figure out how to juggle co-parenting responsibilities during this festive time of year.

How to Tell Others About Your Divorce

The divorce process can be difficult and confusing,

The 4 Cardinal Rules of Co-Parenting

A divorce involving children can be an incredibly difficult experience, especially when it comes to learning how to co-parent effectively.

What Can I Do If My Child Refuses Visitation?

As a custodial parent, one of your primary goals is to promote a healthy and active relationship between your child and your ex-spouse.

Cost Effective Divorce Strategies

Let’s face it: divorce can be expensive.