Vanessa and Kobe Bryant Reconcile Before Divorce Is Final

Everyone likely remembers the high profile divorce case of Kobe Bryant and his wife, Vanessa. She is known for being offered quite a nice settlement, including three homes. But now the divorce may be off, at least for now, since the couple has been spending a lot of time with each other.

According to numerous sources, we are nearing the end of the six month separation period that is required in California before the divorce is official. However, Vanessa seems to be hesitating when it comes to signing the final papers, possibly because she has had a change of heart. Though she previously accused Kobe of cheating on her with several women throughout their marriage, she appears to be able to put the past behind her at this point as the two try to reconcile.

If Vanessa does not sign the divorce papers now, she can always do it in the future in case she changes her mind yet again. She will still get some of the major assets she would have gotten in the divorce anyway, since Kobe reportedly already signed their three mansions over to her. One of the homes is worth around $11 million, and another is over $4 million. The third house is worth nearly $3 million, so it stands to reason that if they move in together yet again, they will likely be moving into one of these homes.

Though Vanessa already has these homes in her name, if she decides to stay with Kobe long-term and try to work out the marriage, she will not get certain assets that she would in divorce. For example, the divorce was going to allow her to get $75 million, plus child support, to name just a few of the payments she would be entitled to. If he is around her still, helping her raise the children, he will likely not have to pay child support, especially if there is no official divorce.

Some couples facing divorce do end up getting back together after a period of separation, but there is no telling if these relationships work out long-term. Some couples actually do get divorced and later get back together, and even remarry each other, but clearly this can be an expensive move. For this reason, sometimes the wait between filing for divorce and making it official can be a good thing since it allows couples time to reconcile when possible.

If you are considering divorce, whether due to adultery or another reason, you should contact Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. We have handled numerous New York divorce cases, including those involving high net worth like Kobe and Vanessa Bryant’s case. Whether you are worried about losing most of your assets or having to pay a lot of money in child support, we can answer your questions. Even if you are not sure if you really want a divorce, come to us to discuss your options and get your case started. As the Bryant divorce shows, you can always change your mind before the divorce is final.

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