Avoid the Dangerous Weight Loss That Comes with Stress-Induced Divorce Diet

Many people are so affected by divorce that they forget to eat, leading to weight loss. This may occur even to people who are happy about the divorce, since some people are so busy making changes in their life that they simply do not have time to eat. But this can be unhealthy. If you truly want to take care of yourself after your divorce, you should maintain a good diet.

Some Celebrities Have Become Scarily Thin

You have probably seen how certain celebrities go out in public during divorce, and their clothes are hanging off them. They also have circles under their eyes when they are not covering the area with sunglasses. This is clearly not healthy, and you can see what a toll divorce has taken on them. But it doesn’t have to be this way for you since you can avoid sudden, unhealthy weight loss.

Tom Cruise recently had some health problems, including weight loss, after his divorce from Katie Holmes. On the other hand, Katie simply allowed the divorce to fuel her success with her fashion line rather than succumbing to the unhealthy divorce weight loss that plagues so many.

Jennie Garth lost 30 pounds after her recent divorce, and Demi Moore is reportedly skin and bones after her separation from Ashton Kutcher. Many claim the issue is stress, which is an understandable problem after any major life change, including divorce. However, there are ways to prevent the issue.

Divorce Weight Loss Is Avoidable

If you are feeling stressed out or just sad, you should consider counseling. You have probably already taken care of all the basics, such as talking to a divorce lawyer and dividing your assets. Now you need to take care of yourself. Many people base their eating habits on their emotions, which is unhealthy. If you want to get out of this habit, you should find a counselor who has helped countless others going through divorce.

You should also make it a point to pay attention to your diet. Make sure you eat regularly if you want to keep up your energy levels and avoid sudden weight loss. Even if you do need to lose weight, the so called divorce diet is the not the way to do it because it will reduce your energy, make you look sick, and probably lead to weight gain once you start eating normally again. Instead, take care of yourself and exercise regularly since this will also reduce stress during your divorce.

At Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C., we have helped several clients get back to a good routine after divorce. If you want to maintain your health and sanity while separating from your spouse, we encourage you to come to us for help. We can give you not only the legal advice you need, but also suggestions for local counselors when necessary since many of our clients have felt the same emotions you have.

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