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Child Support & Custody

Can Custody Be Changed?

In New York, if two people agree in a written agreement or a child custody order is entered, it is not easy to change custody unless one parent has a good reason.

Do I Owe Support if I Am Not The Biological Father?

Most people and in fact many lawyers are amazed that a man who holds himself out as a child’s father, either by fraud or mistake can be held accountable for child support.

father's rights

Father’s Rights: Do They Exist?

Many women feel that they can prevent the father of their children from seeing their child or children.

Failure to Pay Any Support

I recently was in Court, arguing my contempt motion in New York Supreme Court and a wealthy business man who owns a number of bakeries and he told the Judge he makes no money…..

Who Pays for Summer Camp?

In New York, the Courts will require that you pay your pro rata share of summer camp if the summer camp is for child child while the custodial parent is at work.

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