Common Health Issues After Divorce – And How to Prevent Them

Tom Cruise has reportedly lost weight since his divorce from Katie Holmes, and he is not the only person whose health has somehow been affected during divorce. In fact, it is quite normal to notice some changes in your health as you go through this legal procedure. While the changes are often for the worse, they do not have to be. Get an idea of some of the most common health issues you might face, and then find out how to stop these problems from occurring.

Common Health Problems Caused by Divorce

Not surprisingly, insomnia and anxiety are two health concerns that may plague you as you go through divorce. This is a major change in your life, so it makes sense that you might feel too stressed to sleep. In fact, this could lead to you being unlikely to exercise much because you are too tired. The result is that you might experience trouble even walking up stairs if you neglect your fitness for too long.

Of course, this could also lead to weight gain. This is especially the case if you also turn to food for comfort, as so many do. Some people, however, forget to eat while stressed, in which case weight loss may take place. But since the weight loss is not due to healthy habits, you may feel as out of shape and weak as you would if you were to gain weight.

Many people who get divorced may start noticing that they become sick easier than usual. This is because their immune system is compromised when they do not take good care of their health. If you notice that you are sickly, it is probably because you are too busy focusing on the wellbeing of your children and figuring out how to pay bills alone, leaving little time to care for your own health. You may even end up with more than a cold, since heart disease tends to be more common than usual in people going through divorce.

How to Stay Healthy

These health issues should not deter you from getting divorced. Instead, they should spur you to pay attention to your health during this legal process. You do not have to let divorce hurt your health, and it won’t if you follow a few tips. For example, instead of slacking on your workouts, let your hurt and anger fuel your exercise efforts. You will feel better, get healthier, and look much more in shape than ever, which should help you as you jump back into the dating pool.

Yoga is considered one of the best workouts for people going through stressful situations, since it allows you to meditate while exercising. However, you are encouraged to pick an exercise you enjoy, and that allows you to get any pent up emotions out.

Hiring a Manhattan Divorce Law Firm

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