Heidi Klum and Seal’s Divorce Drags On

It appears that the divorce between Heidi Klum and Seal is getting more complicated than before. It’s been over six months since the couple announced their divorce, but it is not settled yet. Apparently the two are not as amicable as they once were.

During the initial divorce filing, Heidi requested custody of the four children, offering Seal visitation. Originally, he did not appeal, but now he has requested joint custody of the kids. It appears this battle will go on for a while since neither wants to give in so far. One detail to note is that Seal is often away on tours and appearances, during which time Heidi takes care of the children, so it may be no surprise that she expects full custody.

The two signed a postnuptial agreement that says they do not have community property to divide since they separated all their assets after they got married with a postnuptial agreement. This type of document is similar to a prenuptial agreement that states who gets what, but it is signed after marriage instead of before. Though the document states that their assets are separate and not up for division, apparently Seal may be contesting this. In fact, he stands to get a lot of money if he wins this battle since Heidi has $70 million compared to Seal’s $15 million.

Apparently the agreement also addressed alimony since they have both stipulated that neither will get spousal support. Of course, they both make more than enough to support themselves, and their marriage of seven years would likely not be long enough to qualify them for alimony anyway. It remains to be seen who will get child support since that will be figured out once the custody issue is solved.

There have been other public battles for this couple, so it looks like the two will not be staying out of the public eye, which is quite impossible to do anyway with a celebrity divorce. Of course, like most parents, their concern is for the children, as they do not want them to be dragged into the spotlight or made to suffer due to the divorce. Hopefully the two can settle the issues in private, or finally hash it all out quickly in court so the divorce does not take as long as Kim Kardashian’s split from Kris Humphries.

Just because you are not dealing with a celebrity divorce does not mean you will not face the same complications as Heidi and Seal. If you are battling over child custody, a post or prenuptial agreement, or asset division, you need legal counsel fast. Come to Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. for legal help with your New York divorce today.

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