Why You Should Avoid Dating During Divorce

It can be tempting to date while going through a divorce, but you need to avoid this pitfall at all costs. Many people date during divorce proceedings because it helps them relieve the stress and anxiety associated with their situation. You may desire a boost to your confidence by going on dates with someone interested in you. However, even though dating during a divorce may sound like a good idea, it can seriously complicate matters when it comes to your divorce.
dating during a divorce

Prevent Settlement of Divorce

The number one reason you should avoid dating during a divorce is that it can prevent the divorce settlement. It doesn’t matter that you filed for divorce because you caught your spouse cheating. All that matters is what’s happening right now. Going on dates while going through a divorce will only make it difficult to reach a settlement. Your spouse will likely want to drag things out once he or she discovers you are dating someone new.

Dating During a Divorce Can Impact Spousal Support

Another impact of dating during divorce is the amount of spousal support you might receive. Under the letter of the law, you are still married until the judge finalizes the divorce via decree. If you are in a new relationship and have been intimate with your new partner, you could be committing adultery. This situation could lead to you losing out on any spousal support.

should you date during divorce

Dating During a Divorce Can Have Negative Impact on Your Children

Beyond these negative impacts, dating during a divorce can cause significant problems with your children. Divorce is hard enough on children and dating during it could make things much worse for them. Your children need your attention and time right now more than ever. Going out on dates with someone new will only take away from the time you can spend with your children. 

Distraction from Your Own Emotions

Divorces and dating do not go together. Another negative impact is that dating can be a distraction from your own emotions. Going through a divorce is challenging. It causes a lot of stress and anxiety. At the outset, a new relationship will seem like a good idea because it helps you relax and can distract you from what is happening in other areas of your life. You need to process your emotions and deal with your pain directly when going through a divorce. This resolution is only possible when you aren’t adding new people to your life.

Difficulty Creating a Parenting Plan

When you date during a divorce, it can be challenging to create a parenting plan. Most often, divorcing parents will assume the other parent will be alone when with the kids. If there is someone new in your life, that person might be with you during your scheduled time with the kids. This circumstance might not sit well with your spouse. Therefore, should you date during a divorce? The answer is always, “No.”

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