How to Conduct Yourself in a Courtroom

Your divorce case will likely require you to appear in divorce court several times for different litigation sessions or to file and present your case before a judge. Those who are appearing in court for the first time may not know how to conduct themselves. So in this blog we present a few general guidelines that are important to follow.

Dress Professionally

Courtrooms are taken very seriously, and should be treated as a place where you should present yourself with the utmost respect. This begins with your appearance. For ladies, business-casual attire is strongly encouraged, including pantsuits, suit jackets, and conservative tops. For gentlemen, a full three-piece suit and dress shoes should be worn for every appearance. If you do not have a suit, wear a pressed button-down shirt and tie.

Both sexes should try to avoid anything with bright, vibrant colors or excessive jewelry (though simple earrings and a watch are fine). Both should also keep their hairstyles conservative and neatly-groomed, as hats are not allowed to be worn in a courtroom at all except for religious exemptions.

Act Appropriately

The number-one rule of your courtroom conduct: be on time! When you are late, you not only waste the time of your spouse, your attorney, and their attorney, but the time of the entire court as well. This will likely annoy your judge and can serve as a negative testimony to your character and your abilities as a parent.

While the hearing is in session, remain silent, be respectful, and do not fidget or mess with things that may make noise. Interrupting is not allowed and doing so can not only annoy your judge, but can even possibly get you tossed from the courtroom for contempt if you do so too much. When you are addressed and invited to speak, be sure to always refer to your judge as “your honor.”

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