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Pre-Nup Agreements: Should I Get One?

A question that I am sometimes asked is: Can I enter into a prenuptial agreement after I get married? The answer is yes, you can. These agreements are known as postnuptial agreements, antenuptial agreements or postmarital agreements.

Common Uses of Postnuptial Agreements

People enter into postnuptial agreements more often than you might think. For instance, if one spouse is about to enter a business, their partners may require them to sign a postnuptial agreement. As a precondition to entering the partnership, a person may be required to enter into a postnuptial agreement stating that if they separate or pass away, their spouse will not make a claim on the business. This will allow the partners to be assured that a separation or death does not interfere with the running of their business. This requirement is particularly common in family businesses and in the financial community.

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