Not Happy with Your Divorce Lawyer? Three Simple Ways to Decide if It’s Time for a Change

Your divorce attorney is more than the person who represents you in court. They are your advocate in every sense of the word – legally, of course, but also emotionally and mentally. You are changing your life in a monumental way, and your divorce attorney should be there to help in every way they can. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Learn three simple signs that it is time to change divorce lawyer below. 

Your Attorney Has Stopped Communicating

Changing divorce lawyers might seem complicated and overwhelming, but it is necessary for certain circumstances. If your attorney has stopped communicating with you, for example, then it is time for a change. 
The most obvious way that communication breakdowns occur between attorneys and their clients is for your lawyer to stop returning your phone calls. There are other scenarios that fall under the umbrella of miscommunication. These include:

  • Your attorney is taking too long to respond
  • Then, your attorney ignoring emails or text messages
  • Your attorney missing scheduled meetings
  • Your attorney missing court dates

This list could be increased ad infinitum, but the point is clear – it is time to change divorce lawyers if you are not receiving regular updates.   

Change Divorce Lawyer if the Divorce Process is Dragging On

Another simple sign that it is in your best interest to change divorce lawyer is that your divorce is taking a long time to complete. There is no “standard time” for the divorce process. Sometimes it can be completed in a number of weeks or months. Sometimes it will take much longer. This all depends on your unique circumstances. If your divorce is contested and involves a complicated child custody battle, for example, it will likely take longer than an uncontested divorce with no children involved. Regardless, an overly long divorce is a sure sign that it’s time to change divorce lawyers.
The type of divorce filed affects the length of the divorce process. Different types of divorce and their average timeframes include:

  • Uncontested Divorce – This is the simplest form and can be completed in weeks or months
  • Contested Divorce – This is the most common type of divorce. It is normally completed within several months but may take longer
  • Military Divorces – Military service can cause these divorces to take longer than average
  • High Net Worth Divorces – The more assets that the couple has, the longer the divorce will take. High net worth cases can take years to complete
  • LGBT Divorces – These are similar to contested and uncontested divorces and can be completed relatively quickly 

Your Attorney is Overcharging You

The amount of money your attorney is billing you is another sign that it is time to change divorce lawyers. Much like the length of divorce, there is no single price tag for getting a divorce. Still, any experienced attorney will work with you to minimize the cost. If your attorney is not doing this – if they are demanding an uncomfortably high retainer – then it’s time for changing divorce lawyers.

Hire a Manhattan Divorce Attorney

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