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Should My Divorce Case Proceed to Trial?

The Judge told all the parties either settle the case or you are going to trial and he will decide their future.....

Every day in State Supreme Courts in New York City, Judges warn divorce litigants that if they do not settle their case they will proceed to trial. Whether you should go to trial or not should be determined after a long discussion with your lawyer. Your should make sure the lawyer that you have has the experience to actually try your case. Many divorce litigants are surprised at how little experience their own lawyer actually has. Sometimes people are forced to trial because their husband or wife is actually crazy. Some people are so bitter that they cannot determine if the deal that is on the table is actually a fair deal.

Make sure you have a divorce lawyer in New York who actually has experience. An experienced divorce lawyer who has trial experience will generally always prevail against a lawyer without the same level of experience. Counseling people during a divorce is a skill, many lawyers lack this skill and ultimately their clients will suffer. A deal is only good if your divorce lawyer explains all the ramifications of the settlement. If your lawyer cannot answer your questions in an intelligent and coherent manner, Run.